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A Platform Changing the Way We Teach Tech. 

Become the educator you always wish you had. Acquire the technical skills your future demands.

Create Your Class For As Low As $50

A Different Kind of Class is in Session

InvoClass is a tech-focused teaching platform for educational entrepreneurs looking to make a tangible impact while sharing their expertise with the world. By empowering educators everywhere to build, customize, and run their very own virtual labs however they see fit, we make it possible to shape the trailblazers of tomorrow’s tech industry today. 

For Educators

Embark on your own entrepreneurial journey while reaping the rewards of all the hard work you’ve poured into teaching over the years — you’ve earned it. When you start educating with InvoClass, you’ll be part of an online community with access to dynamic features such as cloud-hosted assets, integrated classroom collaboration, and so much more.

The InvoClass Edge

Your Entrepreneurial Catalyst: Embark on your own self-starting journey — and reap the rewards of all the hard work you’ve poured into teaching. 

Teach on

Your Terms

With our platform, you have the freedom to decide when and how you deliver effective education to your learners.

Your Virtual


In minutes, create a classroom with the functionality your learners require while running your own business autonomously from wherever you see fit.

Shape Tomorrow’s

Leaders Today

Make a meaningful impact on learners around the world with hands-on, interactive instruction that they can apply on a daily basis.

For Learners

Learn tangible skills from leading experts in the field. With every class, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goals.

All-In-One Training

Access everything you need to teach in one place.

Over the Shoulder Interaction

Interface with learner screens to help guide learners in real time.

Cutting-Edge Chat Component

Cultivate an open line of communication with your learners.

Plug and Play Functionality

Our seamless platform set-up removes the burden of coding behind the scenes.

Personalization Made Possible

Design your own branded course platform in just a few clicks.

Protected Coursework

A securely built product means your custom materials will always be safe with us.

Platform Features

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Ready to get started with InvoClass?

Our Core Competencies

Cloud Development

High Powered Cloud Labs

Machine Learning

Cloud Integration


Reduces Operational Overhead

  • Entirely cloud based system, no hardware updates and maintenances

  • Integrates with existing LTI learning systems

Expands access to your classes and environments

  • Eliminates the need for in-person attendance

  • Students can be located in any geographical location in the world

Enhances overall learning experience

  • Give students access to live, multi-layered environments

  • Full suite of collaborative tools for students and instructors

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