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– Benjamin Franklin

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn"

About Us

The InvoClass Story

InvoClass started out as an internal solution to a widespread problem: Delivering quality training the old-school way is increasingly impractical. Our clients at the time had requested live workshops to upskill their employees. To meet these demands, our team invested countless hours in creating class materials, procuring laptops, and navigating airports with cumbersome equipment. We'd set up in rented hotel ballrooms, securing cables, and tracking down necessary devices. After each session, resetting the environment for future offerings proved to be complex. Equipment failures, lost inventory, and mounting logistical challenges made delivering high-quality, easily replicable training increasingly unsustainable.

Over time, our vision evolved into what is now a marketplace of ideas, connecting learning lab creators and students with an online community of cloud-hosted assets, integrated classroom interaction, and dynamic features that empower educators to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys. We recognize that the world is full of supremely talented individuals, and we know we can’t hire them all. Instead, we let experts everywhere build and share their own lab-based materials with the world. 


This expert could come in the form of an established training company that wants to add a remote delivery mechanism to their existing workflow. They could be a highly skilled engineer hoping to earn extra income with weekend workshops. They could be a high school senior looking to leave a legacy for their junior classmates. Could you be one of our experts, too? Join our community today to share your knowledge with the world.

Our Founder

As an academic himself, Dr. Sterling Rooke, Ph.D., founded the InvoClass product for both educators and students looking to exchange knowledge on virtually any topic. Committed to fostering an organizational culture that promotes independence, Sterling leverages this guiding ethos to not only drive the company's success, but also empower its workforce to deliver unrivaled innovation and personalized customer support.


Shaped by his multifaceted background, Sterling holds a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park and brings engineering and industrial control experience to InvoClass. His unwavering passion revolves around advancing cutting-edge technology solutions for the distributed education landscape.


Sterling possesses a diverse background, spanning various fields such as cyber operations, chemistry, materials science, optical communications, cryptology, and civil engineering, establishing him as a respected authority in technology and cybersecurity. In addition to his leadership at InvoClass, Sterling serves as an Air Force Reservist and Cyberspace Operations Officer, contributing to USCYBERCOM through Academic Engagement initiatives.

Sterling's commitment to his craft is evident through his (ISC)2 CISSP and CEH certifications, frequent articles on industrial controls, IoT, cybersecurity, and sensor technology. Also frequently sought out as a keynote speaker at prominent conferences, Sterling is undeniably a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and applied technology today.

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